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Witch Weekly

Yo - people - where are the articles? We've been missing -way- too many. I know that it's hard to write under a deadline and that there are many more important things in life than getting your WW article in on time, but if it's possible, can you -please- e-mail me and tell me you won't be able to get it in? I'd like to at least know that you acknowledge that you promised to write for us.

If you're incapable of getting the articles in and you know it, please, tell me so.

Now, an updated schedule -

April 11 - Paigars
April 18 - Aislinn
April 25 - Jiya
May 2 - Katie
May 9 - Paigars
May 16 - Aislinn
May 23 - Jiya
May 30 - Katie
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