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This is the LJ twin to the SpellbookFics Yahoo Group. Like the group, this community is for the discussion of all things Harry Potter, mainly fanfiction. Feel free to indulge in shameless self-advertisement, post fics, fanart, and icons (HP only please), and babble about whatever weird ideas pop into your head while you're rereading the books for the thousandth time.

R/NC-17 fics are allowed - just put them under a cut tag and give the rating before the fic.

If you post fanart or icons, try to keep it under a cut - some people have issues loading pics.


1) Try to stay away from topics that are only loosely related to HP or aren't related at all.

2) Be respectful.

3) Please, try to write in proper English if it's your native language. Use a spellchecker if you have to.

Anyone is free to post, so have at it. Most of our fanfic is archived over at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SpellbookFics/. Feel free to post your stuff there as well.

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